Hypothyroid Treatment

Having trouble finding the best endocrinologist to manage your hypothyroid problem in Chandler, AZ?  Consider the Barnett Clinical Hashimoto / Hypothyroid Clinic in Chandler.  Dr. Barnett is not an endocrinologist.  Rather, he is a general practitioner with hypothyroid as his special emphasis.  He uses a combination of conventional and natural medicine to treat hypothyroidism, including Hashimoto hypothyroidism.  Although he is willing to take new patients for treatment of male and female hormone imbalances, his endocrinology emphasis has been in treating Hashimoto and typical hypothyroidism.  Conventional dimensions  include medical physical examination, patient interview, lab work and prescription medications, but our preference is for an integrative approach, utilizing not only conventional medical exams, labs, imaging, biopsies, etc, but also including a complete and thorough history and exam – something often neglected in today’s busy medical practices.

Chandler Thyroid Clinic focuses on hypothyroid management, particularly Hashimoto hypothyroid, with a strong preference for using bio-identical hormones such as Nature-Throid or Armour Thyroid.  While an endocrinologist may be inclined to focus attention on hypothyroidism within the broader context of general endocrinology, as a naturopathic physician with an emphasis on acupuncture and oriental medicine, Dr. Barnett will also view your hypothyroid condition and other hormone issues through an acupuncturist and naturopathic lens to tailor your integrative medicine treatment to your unique needs to restore balance.

Naturopathic medicine in Arizona is a broad scope healthcare profession, which allows doctor Barnett to utilize many clinical tools, including prescription drugs, vitamin injections, trigger point injections and other injections for treating problems commonly presented to rheumatologists and orthopedists.   His unique approach to chiropractic and acupuncture, including herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, muscle release techniques, and joint manipulation allow Dr. Barnett to first utilize less invasive methods when possible.

Dr. Barnett rarely and reluctantly treats hyperthyroid conditions, and strongly prefers patients to seek the services of an allopathic (M.D.) or osteopathic (D.O.) endocrinologist.   Dr. Barnett will not treat thyroid cancer, but is happy to treat thyroid cancer patients who have completed their cancer treatment and are now left with hypothyroidism.

Dr. Barnett refers to Lab Corp for blood work, EVDI for ultrasound evaluation, Cynthia Goralnik M.D. radiologist at SimonMed for thyroid biopsies,  Glenn Rothman, M.D. of Arizona Otolaryngology Consultants for Surgery.